Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who's the walking sexy lady?

Let's have a quick celebrity-non-mobile-news pop quiz shall we? ;-D I just had to share this eye-catchy photo with you guys.

Who do you think that sexy lady who's walking alone in the left picture there?

That brownish skin tone, that curvy body... which I can't believe she just gave birth to a child not so long ago & still managed to get her amazing body back in such a short time.

Clue: her exotic skin color is said to got her first famous appearance in tv series titled in rhyme with it.

Still don't know who she is? Then head on to this link to see a full set of her latest 2009 Capri photoshoots. Men, you should prepare your drool bucket before going in there.

*Sigh* What I would like to give just to see such scene with my own eyes... ;-)

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