Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be a "Mapple" person with Duracell's "MyPhonies"

We're all had a "Mapple" person inside each one of us, what we need is just a fake pair of "MyPod" earbud, or known as "MyPhonies" to bring it out and show it off to everyone.

If you've been searching for one in your whole life, then look no more, because Matt Hickey from Crave has found one for you. It even bundled together with eight Duracell AA batteries, priced only at $5.99 (he already teared off the other four when he took the picture on the left).

So how's the "MyPhonies" quality? Well, you can't really expect it to has the same quality as the pricey $30 original one, right? Head on to Matt's page to see more photo shots, and his verdict on the new found knockoff earbud.

* Special note: Just in case you still don't get why I kept saying "Mapple", "MyPod" or "MyPhonies", then I suggest you watch the Simpson's "Mapple" episode at my previous post. ;-p

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