Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NanoPhone for Android

I deliberately didn't write much on the title up there, so I can lure you to click open this post. If you're reading this, that means it's working. Yeesss! *grin* ~LOL~

I didn't mean to misled you there, honest. But this NanoPhone is not the same as the rumored Nano phone I told you before. This is actually a security suit for Android, made by Mocana. Mocana’s NanoPhone™ Suite for Android is the first and only open-standards-based software package offered right now.

Using NanoPhone, developers can quickly add much-needed firewall, VPN, and encryption features to Android handsets without compromising the performance, throughput or battery life of the platform. “We hope to encourage the adoption of Android by the enterprise and by security-conscious consumers by giving developers the critical security components they need to protect Android smartphones, their users and the information that resides on them,” said Adrian Turner, CEO of Mocana; as reported by Android Community.

There's a long list of NanoPhone features which you can download in a PDF file, but for a quick introduction watch the video demo below. I got to go now, before you throw a shoe at me. ;-p

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