Monday, December 15, 2008

Nano phone is the new iPhone!

It's real! iPhone Nano, uh no it's Nano iPhone, no-no it's Nano phone... Argh, anyhow it's the new iPhone! ;-p

I used to make jokes about this before iPhone 3G came out, and now it's really becoming to a reality. iDeals China got leaked infos from their insider diary, and they even backed them up with rendered images of silicon casing for the Nano iPhone. Here's the snipped report:

We just got these images of a silicone case design by for the new Nano iPhone. This case is in production.

If you remember, before iPhone 3G was released a number of companies including Griffin had advanced information of the size and shape of iPhone 3G. We understand that once one company starts making a mold their information is passed onto other mold companies or accessory companies through a China underground network.

Because silicone cases are skin tight XSKN's Nano iPhone silicone case design is a good way to judge what the new Nano iPhone is going to look like.

It has 3 sensors, camera, mirror screen but no 3G. Production will start on the 20th with 60,000 to 80,000/day pieces coming off the assembly line. Steve Jobs will be announcing it during the January MacWorld Show and you will find it in the stores shortly afterwards.

This phone is targeted at the people who couldn’t afford an iPhone. I am told it will low priced and sold in Walmart stores along with all of the current resellers. There is a rumor that there will be a new iPod Shuffle too.

Yikes! This is so unbearable... Not about the silicon case images that proves the possibility existence of a younger brother of the current iPhone, but I'm more concern on what we will call it from now on. Nano phone? Nano iPhone? Or iPhone Nano? ~LOL~

Sources are from iDeals China, via PMP Today, via Engadget Mobile.

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