Monday, December 15, 2008

Coveroos mods the back of your mobile phone to your liking

Now it's not only the iPods who get the engraved words to make it your very 'personal' own, because a new product called Coveroo mods the back of your mobile phones into whatever you like or wish for. Users can submit their own designs, and no matter how silly yours is, Coveroo will make it.

"There's a tremendous demand for people to make things around them reflect their personality," said Coveroo founder and CEO Karl Jacob. "There's been a lot of research that indicates that self-expression is more of a need than a want. It's something you have to do."

Leslie Katz from Crave managed to try Coveroo with CNet's phones (click here to see the pictures), here's her report: Coveroos replace the original back cover of a mobile device--the removable part that hides the battery--with a customized plastic or metal cover featuring laser-created artwork. The covers start at $19.95, and depending on their complexity, can generally be etched and ready to snap on within half an hour.

Coveroo-compatible phones currently include the iPhone 3G; BlackBerry Bold, Pearl, and Curve; LG Rumor and Dare; Palm Centro and Treo 700 and 800; Samsung Instinct; Verizon Blitz; and Motorola Razr v3, with more models to follow, according to the company.

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