Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silly engraved iPod is for life

Tattoes on skin are meant for you to bear with it for the rest of your life, because it usually used to mark special occasions or just to shout out loud what you have in mind for others to see. But ever since Apple iPods have become so popular, engraved iPods have also become a new trend. Either the engraved words are to mark the iPod as someone's belonging, or to use it as the bearer of good or bad news.

Since Christmas is almost here, don't you think this is the approriate time to give and let those unspoken emotional feelings out? Like what iPhone Savior has said in its "Top 10 Worst Engraved iPod Messages" blog: "Why not make it a memory they'll never forget and let iPod do the talking."

I've taken some of the engraved iPod pictures and posted above this post, you can read the other hilarious messages at the weblog, but a word of caution before you're heading there: explicit words ahead. ;-p

Engraved iPod as holidays gift has become so much easier, because Apple's policy is that a two-line message is free and doesn't add anything in the way of shipping time. But according to the Consumerist article (via Macworld) there's a catch: engraved iPods aren't returnable!

Then again, I guess Dan Moren (Macworld) has a spot-on oppinion about engraved iPods: "...the fact that engraved iPods are non-returnable really helps me with my Christmas tradition of sending gifts to all of my enemies. There's nothing like sticking 'em with a personalized gift that's non-returnable but too good to just throw away." ~LOL~

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