Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sony puts music & movies in USB drive to boost sales

With falling price on every flash memory sticks in general, Sony in the other hand still believes in boosting up the sales number of its MicroVault Click USB drive by loading movies and music albums in it.

Sony's USB drives with Michael Jackson's 25th Anniversary edition of Thriller in it is sold at $19.99, while movies like Da Vinci Code and Men in Black can be obtained at $29.99 each.

For some storage maniacs, getting a USB drive plus contents inside it must have make them jump and dance around in ecstasy. But if we are to see in comparison, where you can buy 4GB SD Card for $4 on Amazon, can average buyers fall for Sony's marketing gimmick?

To use USB drives as media to sell movies and music albums is alright, but the price offered right now isn't. The ailing Sony Music has got to find another way to surpress the price tag, otherwise this will be the same as the sad Sansa SlotMusic Player. ;-p

Sources are from Crave & Ubergizmo.

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