Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HulloMail now available for Android

"A HulloMail is a voicemail that’s yours to keep," and that's the slogan from the developer.

HulloMail is now available directly at Android Market, and it's essentially offered for free. The company is only aiming to get the revenue from big companies and advertising.

HulloMail is a service mashup of mobile voicemail the web and email. It plugs into the network and takes your voicemails and as well as giving you the access you're used to, it delivers them to your inbox, so you can save them forever and pass them on to your friends and family, or even post it for your blogs.

The free voicemail service will notify you by text message (SMS) or email when you got a new message, HulloMails are delivered to your email inbox with a copy residing on hullomail.com allowing you to call and listen to them from any phone.

HulloMail supports all email accounts but for GoogleMail (Gmail), MobileMe and IMAP4 providers, it can do a fully synchronised features. With other email providers you can activate HulloMail Sync, they will appear under a label HulloMail.

Source is from AndroidGuys, don't forget to watch the video demo below.

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