Thursday, December 25, 2008

The busiest Santa this year

Santa Claus has always been busy throughout the whole year because of so many letters of wishes from children around the world, yes that's mean you too, you big gadget addicts! ~LOL~

And it's obviously not easy becoming a full time Santa Claus at Himmelpfort's post office, a small village just 100 kilometers north of Berlin, Germany. Because this year there are about 256.000 letters with wishes from children of 80 countries arrived in the small village known as the home of Santa Claus because of it's name Himmelpfort (Heaven's Gate).

The picture on the left shows Santa Claus is picking up a bag full of letters, and on the right shows he's resting on bed after a busy night managing those letters.

So, kids and adults; please bear in your mind next time you sent your letter to Santa, that you should only send one short list of wish. Poor Santa... Let's give him a break next year, shall we? ;-D

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