Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is the time of the year where the wind feels so grippingly chilling, you're start sneezing like you're about to catch a cold. When you walk out from your house while reading email on your smartphone, you bumped lightly into a man, but he didn't give you a fast-rapping scold or stare in the eye like usual, instead he smile and give a small nod as if he's saying it's ok without a word.

You're puzzled, of course, thinking maybe you look radiantly more appealing this morning so people feel like to treat you nicer today. You walk into your regular coffee shop, still while reading tons of emails and RSS news on your smartphone, ignoring the new decorations inside the coffee shop. As you're busy composing an email, you order a coffee latte with mapple syrup on top. You draw the cash you've prepared in the pouch of your coat and quickly give it to the cashier, and wait for the receipt plus the thank you word while you scroll over a bulk of boring news faster than George Bush can duck from the shoe throwing incident. But you noticed the cute chasier stay still & silent, waiting for you to finish whatever you're doing for awhile and look her in her face. When you do, she said with a dazzling smile: "Thank you sir, and Merry Christmas!"

Then you realized, it is Christmas, today it is. After you grabbed your hot coffee and walk out the coffee shop, you finally see and feel the Christmas spirit is everywhere, the snow looks whiter and more sparkling than before, it begins to fill you up with joy and you start to smile without no apparent reason. You tuck in your smartphone back inside your coat's pocket to enjoy the wonderful white Christmas morning without any distractions of daily tech addiction, and start humming a song that starts like this: "It's beginning to look like Christmas, everywhere you go..."

That's when a woman busy text messaging with her phone bump into you lightly. She look at you like she's waiting to be mad at, and before she can speak, you smile politely and said the magic word: "Merry Christmas!" The woman gives a funny dumbfound face at first, but she quickly smile back (darn, she looks so cute when she did) and say the same magic word to you.

You both pause for few seconds while you look at each other's eyes, but as she put aside her mobile phone, she starts to walk away. You too start to turn around and put a smile knowing you've just remind someone today's Christmas morning is too bright to be missed for text messaging, but after two steps you get curious and turn your head to see. Seems like she's also walking slow and hasn't got too far away, you start to wonder if you should catch up to her pace and call her. Well, you do noticed there's no ring on her sleek fingers when she held up the phone. So...

What's next? I think I ought to let you finish the story yourself, giving the opportunity for your imaginations to run wild and free. ;-p

That's just a story I came up with this morning, where I woke up with so many joyous feelings knowing today is Christmas and start playing Christmas songs out loud with my Treo, like the wonderful cappella song "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" by Straight No Chaser. I've finished all of my works & errands yesterday, so I feel fairy light without no homeworks to ruin today's holiday.

I hate to keep on repeating to say this; it's a strange world we're living in. Because for this Christmas I received the most unexpected gifts right from the people I never expected before: a valuable lesson, empathy and friendship.

So that's why I wish to share what I'm feeling today with all of you my dear readers, with the lame story above. ~LOL~ I couldn't find a better word to simply say it, so I'll use my version of dull & tech-self-centric wishes to Santa below:
  • May you who have Storm will receive a new software update to fix those annoying bugs,
  • a white colored G1 for you who have been craving for an Android phone,
  • a super cheap unlocked Android phones from China for those who don't live in T-Mobile wireless coverage area,
  • a new netbook design from Sony VAIO for you who want to stand out in the netbook crowds,
  • a cheap ultra-portable Dell's Adamo netbook for you who can't afford the expensive MacBook Air,
  • a dual screen laptop for those who believes one screen is no longer sufficient,
  • an iPhone Nano come true at Macworld 2009 for those who want smaller & more affordable iPhone 3G,
  • and of course a great and wonderful "new-ness" of Nova OS for all of us: Palm loyal fans. ;-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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