Sunday, December 21, 2008

In Steve Jobs, we & Apple still trust?

The bees are buzzing over flowers which have the most juicy honey to devour, this nature act is also happening right now in blogosphere over Apple's announcement that its CEO Steve Jobs will not deliver the last Macworld attended by the Cupertino company next year.

The buzz continues to fold into greater and bigger wave with questions mainly surrounding the biggest inquiry scared by Apple fan-boys: "Is this mean Steve Jobs will never appear on stage to deliver his keynotes anymore? Is he retiring already?"

It's not only fans who scared and express their dissapoinment, the stock market also shows reflection of fear the Apple company will loose its heart. Apple's stock (AAPL) closed down 6% today ($6.27) after the company announced in a press release late Tuesday.

"Until investors see Steve Jobs out there and healthy the stock will remain under pressure," speculates Karen Finerman President of Metropolitan Capital Advisors. "I’m surprised that Apple did something like this," Karen continues, as reported by CNBC.

So to calm down the market and its biggest supporters: the loyal Apple fan-boys & girls, Apple said that Steve Jobs will not cancel all future appearances or keynotes. He just won't be at this Macworld (2009) giving a keynote, as quoted from TG Daily.

But even with that calming statement, Apple enthusiast & loyalists especially those who have bought ticket and booked hotel room for the big expo are expressing their sorrow for not able to see the idolized charismatic (and also psychedelic) leader of Apple CEO. iPhone Savior has gathered around funny, yet heart breaking comments from these people:

"I'm gonna go straight home after work and bite my pillow," said graphic designer Kip Pippin who's attended the MacWorld Conference for the past five years. "It hurts me deeply to see Steve treat his faithful ones like this. It's a sad, ugly day for me and truly the end of an era."

"I'm still in shock and denial," said San Francisco resident Dionna Merkin. "I miss Steve already, but being here with others really helps. It's very comforting. I'll never accept Phil Schiller, even though he's like a big teddy bear. I hate bears!" ~LOL~

And for the last one, Rick C. Hodgin from TG Daily asks this about Steve Jobs' decision not to appear on Macworld 2009 stage: "Could it simply be that Jobs is ready for a change in his life? Maybe he's grown up and realized it's time to retire the jeans and black T-shirts, and to pick up a razor and embark on something new. Possible?"

Well, I don't know if Steve Jobs need to change his costume since it's possible even for regular Apple's events attendees to mistook him if he's not wearing his trademark clothing line. Yup, don't you know? Steve Jobs has opened up his own boutique to put his entire own line of apparels on display; a black turtle-neck shirt with long sleeves, blue colored jeans, and a pair of white sneakers with his picture as the logo. Like you can see on the snipped promo poster, pictured on the right (click to enlarge it). ;-D

Cheers up you guys, it's almost Christmas for Christ's sake. *grin* Have a happy & fun long holidays weekend y'all!

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