Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are these the new Mac Mini?

Oh boy, here we go again... ;-)

Few more weeks before the now un-exciting Macworld Expo 2009, because Steve Jobs decided not to deliver his traditional keynote anymore there, and we're having the rumor mill up and churning out the heat again. This time is the smallest Mac, a.k.a. the Mini.

The rumors about new Mac Mini to be introduced at Macworld 2009 is found by MacRumors, "Configuration files buried within some versions of Mac OS X show evidence that the next iMac and Mac Mini will indeed be based on the NVIDIA MCP79 chipset." A configuration file found in the Mac OS X version that ships with the new MacBook and MacBook Pros reveal entries referencing unreleased "MacMini3,1" and "iMac9,1" models.

And because of that, the rumor inspired a young Mac fanatic Victor Anselme who ousted his flames of fanboy fantasies with new Mac Mini concept pictured above. Sources are from Flickr, via iPhone Savior.

Mean while Dr. Macenstein got a tip in a form of a blurry live photoshot (pictured on the right), might be taken with phone camera, of what could be the new look of Mac Mini. It is obviously a teaser, no more info is mentioned.

True or not, these images are as good as appetizers to wet our imagination before the Mac Mini really unveiled at Macworld 2009. Oooh, can't wait are we? ~LOL~

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