Sunday, December 21, 2008

WiFi is the preferable connection for iPhone & iPod Touch users

I've thought so, Apple fans do love the nice gadgets but they are not blind to see the high data rates charged by wireless carriers like AT&T.

So with this AdMob report (via PC World) that says more than 40% of all U.S. traffic last month between Apple Inc.'s iPhone and the world's largest mobile ad network took place over WiFi connections, AT&T should worry... ;-p

The iPhone, in fact, accounted for 51% of all wireless requests to AdMob's advertisers, while Apple's iPod Touch -- a music player with all the functionality of the iPhone except for its cell phone -- was responsible for 28% of all wireless requests.

Because the iPod Touch lacks a connection to a mobile carrier's data network, all of its Web traffic is conducted over Wi-Fi. "iPhone Wi-Fi usage is generally higher on iPhone specific sites and applications than on normal mobile Web sites," added AdMob's report.

The iPhone's reliance on wireless backs up the thinking of analysts who see the device as Apple's defacto "netbook," the term given to the small, lightweight and low-priced notebooks that have been selling well because of the recession.

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