Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crap apps are App Store shoppers' favorite

The phenomenal success of Apple's App Store is being broadcasted at full speed on the last weekend, started with Apple announcement of top iPhone apps list of 2008.

The list is broken into many categories, but like me, you must be more interested to know the top 10 of free & paid apps in overall. Here they are:

Top Paid Apps (Overall):

  1. Koi Pond
  2. Texas Hold’em
  3. Moto Chaser
  4. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
  5. Super Monkey Ball
  6. Cro-Mag Rally
  7. Enigmo (Pangea)
  8. Pocket Guitar
  9. Recorder
  10. iBeer

Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall):

  1. Pandora Radio
  2. Facebook
  3. Tap Tap Revenge
  4. Shazam
  5. Labryinth Lite Edition
  6. Remote
  7. Google Earth
  8. Lightsaber Unleashed
  9. AIM
  10. Urban Spoon

And on Friday said 300 million iPhone apps have been downloaded from its App Store since it opened in July. In addition to the 300 million apps download, Apple also confirms that the App Store also passed the 10,000 app mark in the store.

Apple also has noted that since the last time it provided an update on App Store downloads was October 21st, users would download the 200 millionth app the following day. That means that in just 45 days shoppers have downloaded another 100 million apps, or well over 2 million per day.

Are those numbers scare you? Well, don't be. Because the scariest part is the verdict of all these facts: App Store shoppers are more interested to buy crap apps than serious and useful apps, now this is the 'scariest' of them all. ;-p

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