Thursday, December 18, 2008

DinnerSpinner for iPhone/iPod Touch

It feels like a long-long time ago when I first mentioned UrbanSpoon, which is a great app for iPhone/iPod Touch to randomly choose a place for you to eat when you're out of idea.

But now, here's another similar app for you iPhone or iPod Touch users (software v2.0 or above required) called DinnerSpinner. The difference of this app from the one above there is that you'll be eating in da house, not outside.

This free app from Allrecipes allows you to shake your iPhone and spin the surprise recipes, it has three categories that'll come up: type of dish you want to make, the main ingredients, and how much time needed to prepare the dish.

Allrecipes promises detailed ingredients, cooking directions, nutritional information plus ratings and reviews for every dish you pull out of DinnerSpinner. And according to Adam Pash from Lifehacker; If you actually know what you want, you can lock in individual categories or lock them all in and check out the results.

IMHO the idea of DinnerSpinner could become a fun game to play with family or friends, let's say no body is having a clue on what to have for dinner. And after spin for a dish to make, everybody scramble to get the ingredients either they're in the kitchen or must go out to buy them in grocery stores. The first team to finish the dish, will get bigger proportion of the other team's dish. I'll bet somebody is going to get really hungry afterwards... ~LOL~

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