Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google Scoreboard for Android

This free app from Google, called Scoreboard which is specially made for Android, has been getting lots of good feedbacks from everyone who installed and use it with their G1 Android phone. And only by looking at its UI (User Interface), it definetely attracts people like me who easily fall for cute icons and bright cheerful colors like that. ;-p

As a company who got the biggest search engine in the world, it's easier for Google to find the games scores you're looking for and push it to Android platform with interactive UI. Google actually has done this for quite some time, before Android came out and before Google made Scoreboard app. Google is using its SMS Service to sent the sport's information you requested via text messaging, I've told you back then in June.

But with Scoreboard, Google has brought a new experience for Android users to take advantage of its vast search services. Here's the following description of Scoreboard: “Access daily sports scores for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, and College Sports. Get Live in-game notifications for your favorite teams."

Scott Webster from AndroidGuys said this about the app: "It took all of ten minutes for me to decide that Google’s latest Android application, Scoreboard, will replace all three of my Plusmo apps. In fact, I even had to log onto my My T-Mobile account and remove my sports updates. Why? Because Google handles all of this, and more, for me in one nifty app."

While Rob Jackson from Phandroid has said: "After having used some of the Pro Football, College Football and College Basketball applications on Android Market, I can safely say that Google’s Scoreboard for Android blows them all out of the water. It is neat and organized, quick to load, features all of the relevant data, has notifications and much, much more."

Scott (AndroidGuys) also gives a tip about using Scoreboard; users are encouraged to longpress and swipe. According to the Tips and Tricks built into the app, anything that can be pressed, can be longpressed.

And for you who loves to dig deeper to find easter-egg, use this simple 3 steps found by Rob (Phandroid):

  1. Open the Scoreboard application Home Screen
  2. Open the keyboard and type “” without the quotes and WITH the period
  3. You’ll see a message, indicating the unlock was successful and all you need to do is power your phone down, turn it back on and all the new leagues will be revealed when you relaunch the Scoreboard App!

Scoreboard is available at Android Market for free.

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