Thursday, December 18, 2008

Huawei to offer Android phones for Australia in 2009

Chinese mobile industries are invading the world with more Android-based phones in 2009, first there's QiGi i6 and then Lenovo follow suit with OPhone. And if we are to add Taiwanese manufacturers like HTC, or the Wistron NeWeb Corp which never heard from again, mobile market in general will be flooded with Android phones mostly made at Asia.

This leaves us with the remaining option: Kogan Agora, but even this Android-based phone made in Australia will face competition from Huawei. When last week Huawei officially joined Google's Open Handset Alliance, Huawei plans to make its own Android phone brand.

"Australian telecommunications companies would be able to start selling Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies' Android-based phones by the third quarter of 2009 if they wanted to", the company said this week as reported by Suzanne Tindal from CNet's Wireless blog.

There would be no launch apartheid where some nations were excluded from the first round of access to the phone, according to a spokesperson, who told that if Australia got the phone later it would be the choice of the telcos and not Huawei.

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