Thursday, December 18, 2008

AT&T also offers refurbished Centro

Looks like AT&T is feeling good this year's holidays, the U.S. wireless carrier company is not only want to share the spirit of Christmas by offering refurbished iPhone 3G, but also the famous ultra-affordable smartphone from Palm: the Centro.

Caught the offering from TamsPalm blog; where the refurbished Palm Centro - Obsidian Black is offered with price as low as $29.99! That's basically a rip off (for AT&T), but I guess it's okay. This is indeed the time of giving, not taking... ;-p

There is one small problem though, till I write up this post, the refurbished Centro is still temporarily out of stock. Perhaps the demand is too high while the stock is limited, for you who're interested, you better run to the nearest AT&T stores to get it before it runs out on you.

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