Thursday, December 18, 2008

3D holographic model of Mini Cabrio advertised on a piece of paper

This is a very cool idea to advertise a product; the Mini Cabrio has put an ad on the back of a German automotive magazine. At first, the blank back cover of the magazine appears to only show words, and there are no pictures of the Mini Cabrio on there.

But the page gives instructions to readers to use a computer and internet connection, geared with a web cam to see a 3D holographic model of the car through the Mini Cabrio website.

The result, you can see for yourself on the picture left there. Yes, it's so troublesome just to see the rendered 3D model, but if you have the time and the gadgets, why not? ;-)

See behind the making of this virtual ad from the video below. Source is from Gizmodo.

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