Sunday, December 14, 2008

Funny fact: How much people have spent for a web address

There's a saying; everything and everyone got their own prices. Well, in the case of web or internet, the price can go beyond our wildest guesses.

When companies want the perfect domain name that rhymes with their names, they'll have to pay a hefty price just in order to get that. "So what are domain names worth?" and that is the question asked by Patent Kinetics, LLC.

Assembled from Domain Name Journal,, Domain Name News, MSNBC, Forbes, and Reuters; Patent Kinetics, LLC has made a list of high value domain name sales (believed to be reasonably accurate): This year (2008) at just under $10 Million tops the list so far. went for $2,605,000 while reportedly sold for $1,659,000. Domain Name Journal reports that has sold for $1,015,000.

But apparently, no one has beaten yet the most expensive domain name:, which was sold at $14,000,000 on 2006!

Oh my, what people are willing to give for just a name... er, I mean a domain name. ~LOL~

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