Sunday, December 14, 2008

CherryPal does exist

From the first impression, not many of you might be interested in knowing CherryPal, its plain black colored box design is so far from being desired. But what may catch your attention is CherryPal small size, it's no much larger than an iPod. The company claims that the PC weighs about 2 lbs, which includes the AC adapter, which the CherryPal alone weighs about 1 lb.

When CherryPal was first introduced, there have been skepticisms on whether or not the device will hit volume production. In fact, no one has ever been able to get hands-on with the little device. But few days ago, Samantha Rose Hunt from TG Daily just received her $250 CherryPal box; and this confirm that CherryPal is alive after all. ~LOL~

Head on to the link above to read her quick first impressions from the diminutive cloud computer, and here are some of the important remarks taken from her article:

  • When I booted the system, I was greeted with an extremely unattractive login prompt. The provided login worked right away and revealed a basic Linux desktop.
  • The PC has no moving parts, thus making it inaudible.
  • The computer comes with a great amount of preinstalled software, among which are programs such as Firefox, a few games, OpenOffice, and an independent word processor.
  • One of the things that instantly worked on the PC was the Wi-Fi connection.
  • When utilizing Firefox to navigate the web, I noticed that Firefox runs extremely slow.

Samantha's verdict so far on the CherryPal is: "Personally, it isn’t something that I can utilize as my everyday PC. I need the bells and whistles, but if you’re looking for a compact cloud computing device, this might just work."

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