Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jolicloud: the iPhone-like OS for netbooks

Maybe it's because we're getting near to the Christmas eve, or maybe Tariq Krim, the Netvibes founder was just feeling jolly-good time when he chose a name for his next gen OS for netbooks: Jolicloud.

But nevertheless, Jolicloud is to bring a promising new usability for netbooks. Here's a quick report from Michael Arrington from TechCrunch when he took a couple of blurry photos with his phone:

"The user interface resembles the iPhone - it includes large icons (easier for viewing on Netbooks) and very little fluff to keep the hardware humming. Jolicloud will also support touchscreens, which will work well with the icon-based navigation. Bookmarked sites are actually individual Prism applications."

Jolicloud intended to replace the currently available OS for netbooks such as Windows and Linux, users can download the Jolicloud, wiped off whatever OS installed in the netbooks and then replaced with a stripped down Linux operating system and custom browser.

It'll be interesting to see which OS will be the most favorable by netbook users, when this Jolicloud and Cloud OS enter the market next year.

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