Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hear your cellphone better in the cheapest way

No need to buy those expensive noise cancelling earbuds or wearing those high priced Bluetooth headset that makes you look like an alien from out of space talking in a party by yourself, because according to Neuroscientist Sam Wang, coauthor of Welcome to Your Brain, there's a better way and most important is a cheapest way to hear better: cover the mouthpiece.

How-to Wiki from Wired (via Lifehacker) tells us why the simple trick will deliver: Off the phone, one reason you can carry on a conversation in loud places is because your brain separates sound spatially by analyzing subtle differences in the signal from each ear. It can distinguish between a single source -- like the voice of your dinner date -- and the surrounding cacophony. Your mobile messes with your head by funneling both the caller's voice and the room noise into one ear.

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