Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MobileFiles Pro for iPhone/iPod Touch

iPhone users may rejoice now, because QuickOffice Inc. the company behind Microsoft's Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) app for Symbian platform has taken its Excel support for iPhone. MobileFiles Pro is only for working with Excel now, but at least it will gives a big boost for iPhone to penetrate deeper into business market.

Here's a short list of what MobileFiles Pro can do:

  • Access and transfer files between your desktop (Mac or PC) and your iPhone.
  • Remotely access your Apple MobileMe iDisk files and folders and the shared iDisk folders of friends and family.
  • View most common file format types including images, media files, Microsoft Office, iWork, PDF and many others.
  • Manage your files just as you would on your desktop with an easy to use, enhanced file manager.
  • Control your content by creating folders to keep all your digital files organized.
  • Share any file on your iPhone with others by easily transferring files to or from any local desktop.
  • And now EDIT! native Microsoft Excel 2003 documents just as you would on your desktop. Save the edited Excel file on your iPhone, send to your iDisk account remotely, or upload to your desktop using WiFi - all while maintaining perfect data integrity.

Sources are from Brighthand, via JAiB.

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