Thursday, December 11, 2008

Huh, wha...? What did you just said?

Sophia Bush must had a hard time trying to hear what the others got to say to her, when she was attending the Ursus Maritimus & Kimberly McDonald’s Jewelery Line launch party.

Ach, but that didn't matter. The "One Three Hill" actress is still looking pretty even when she was leaning her ear to listen carefully, or was it that for showing off her shiny earings? ;-p

Yup, she's looking extra hot in the cleavage-amplifying dress she’s wearing there. See more of Sophia Bush hotness photos at Popoholic.

By the way, who was that holding a BlackBerry Curve together with a glass of champagne in one hand? That is a bad habit, accident could happen any time.

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