Thursday, December 11, 2008

No need to wait for Santa to bring iPhone 3G this Christmas

If you're an eager-meager easy-pantsy iPhone 3G owner-wannabe, AT&T has just made one of your Christmas wish list come true.

BGR is reporting that AT&T is now offering iPhone 3G home activation: "Buy the phone online, receive it at your home or office, and activate the phone via iTunes from the comfort of your computer. ... we did speak to three customer service reps as well as someone in the office of the President - each confirming that at-home activation is a go."

No need to get up from your lazy couch, no need to shovel your way to get an iPhone 3G at Apple Store crowd, and no need to wait in line at the check out desk, you can now save your body fat for the whole winter season. Better yet, you can tell Santa to save his breath by not bringing an iPhone 3G that you've put in your wish list. ~LOL~

But according to the source, JG Mason from gadgetTell: "Oddly, the Apple store does not offer it online, you still need to visit the Apple Store." Looks like you do need to get your ass up and legs running after all, before your iPhone 3G get away again this year. ;-p

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