Monday, December 15, 2008

iPhone finally get enterprise management software

It has been a long and slow progress for iPhone to grow in the business soil, even though the Apple's one and only phone has made a huge success in mainstream market, it has yet to face challenges to make its root stay deep in the corporate ground.

The reason is probably more simple enough for anyone to asnwer rather than counting to top ten reasons on what needs to be done, ~LOL~ like what Daniel Power, European sales director at Kace has said in the Macworld article: "The Blackberry comes with strong management from RIM [Research In Motion], but this is lacking in the iPhone."

So by that reason, Kace has launched KBOX iPhone Management Module. KBOX basically is a module appliance to centrally set up and track iPhone in corporate network. "The iPhone has come out of the consumer world to become an enterprise tool, but it needs management," Power said.

KBOX can discover and report iPhones that are used on the corporate network, primarily by checking when corporate laptops have installed iTunes to manage an iPhone. It can deploy a profile to these phones to keep their usage within company policy, saving the IT manager from finding and resetting each phone individually.

Power then explained further about KBOX's ability: "The level of control and configuration using KBOX is not the same as that achieved by RIM's BES server and a Blackberry, but we are achieving what you can do with Windows Mobile -- a platform that hasn't caught the imagination the same way as the iPhone."

According to Macword; existing KBOX users can add the iPhone module for US$1999, and manage unlimited numbers of iPhones, while system including the KBOX and the module would cost $11900.

The photoshot above is courtesy of nobihaya (Flickr).

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