Monday, December 15, 2008

iPhone-style drink coasters

What better way to compliment on your newly purchased iDesk, the desk that's specially designed for all of your lovely Apple gadgets, than to complete it with a set of drink coasters that reflect on how passionate you are with Apple's brainchild; the iPhone.

Meninos is selling these iPhone set of drink coasters, the set consists of 16 iPhone icons. I'm not shocked to know there are people who got too much iPhone in their mind, and decided to let them all out in a form of drink coaster.

But what really distress me is the price of this iPhone drink coaster set: $60! OMG, I believe iBuffet says it right about this; the set should be laminated or coated with water resistant, or I'll be a mad man to know my $60 worth drink coasters are soaked and wet. ~LOL~

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