Sunday, December 14, 2008

Show how "neat freak" you are with iDesk

Speaking about Apple and its products, is always come back to minimalism and simplicity. Its pure aesthetic, its clean visual, its breath-taking plainness, its... Ugh, who am I fooling? You know what I'm talking about there, right? ;-p

Ohkay, if you're a true Apple believer then you must have already own every and latest gadgets made by Steve Jobs (and his loyal subordinates). MacBooks, iMac, iPhone, iPods, etc. But with all of those shiny toys are piling on your desk, scattered cables everywhere, that doesn't look so good isn't it? Then what you need is a desk which can make all the cables disappeared, gone, hide themselves like good little ant-soldiers.

This iDesk is your answer, its design is the same as Apple's philosophy you love so much. Heck, it even has the "i" word infront of its name which rhymes with other Apple products. But what really makes iDesk so special is its "Docking Station" to place iPhone and iPods, it's a combination of an original Dock, Adapter, and an exact Template.

iDesk is designed by Paul Bichler, and it costs €2200. Pricey? Not for a die-hard Apple fans, it's not. ~LOL~ Found iDesk via iBuffet.

It's hard to deny, one of many reasons why we love so much everything about Apple is because it gives us a clean and sterile feeling. When the notorious Simpson's Mapple video hit on every families' tv set, it blatantly shows us how Mac users are drawn to Apple Store sterile environment like a fly. *cough*

But is it really the case? Are Mac users can be categorized as "neat freaks"? Well, according to a faithful Macenstein reader Mark; the answer is the opposite. Mark noticed from the BBC’s Top 9 list of Chaotic Work spaces, where he found out that the Macs made quite a few appearances: “… They show 9 pictures. 6 of these pics show computers. 4 of the 6 are Macs! What conclusion can you draw?"

I've included only three pictures which you can see for yourself at above, so how about yours? ;-)

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