Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LG Ice Cream Phone 2 looks tasteless

Perhaps it's just me, I got used to see attractive and cutting-edge design in today's latest smartphones, so when I see this one I was first kinda hoping to see something special that reflect the phone's unique name.

The LG Ice Cream Phone 2 is successor model to Ice Cream Phone released in the last April, this comes 15.5mm-thick clamshell design. And its real name is actually boring code name 'LG-LU1600', which then dubbed as 'Ice Cream Phone' in Korea market.

This phone is not edible, but it does come with ice cream-inspired colors with LED lighting. When receiving a call or a message, the pastel tone colors of light on the front panel shines. Also, cute emoticons such as heart and smiling face are displayed on the front panel, by using orange colored LED light.

Supporting EVDO Revision A mobile broadband, the LG-LU1600 provides global roaming service in the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia. Other features included T-DMB, web surfing, electronic dictionary function and more. Coming in three different colors including snow white, sky blue and peach pink, it is available via LG Telecom for between 400,000(KRW) and 500,000(KRW).

Sources are from Aving USA, via Ubergizmo.

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