Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Samsung Blackjack II is the top smartphone according to Consumer Reports

Bloody hell, I don't see this coming, and I believe neither do you. But according to Consumer Reports' report in January 2009 issue (via ZDNet), the highest ranked smartphone is currently the Samsung Blackjack II.

The T-Mobile Wing, Motorola Q9C, T-Mobile Shadow, and BlackBerry Pearl Flip round out the top 5. The iPhone 3G and T-Mobile G1 had the same ranking (61) as several other devices, rated below the BB Pearl Flip 63 value.

While in ranking of dumbphones, or as we know it as the usual mobile phone ~LOL~; Motorola ROKR E8 took the top spot with a rating of 66. The LG Dare, Pantech Breeze, SE TM506, and SE K850i rounded out the top 5.

It aghast me more to see the Consumer Reports didn't include BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Samsung Omnia, and all of HTC Touch Pro variants. I suppose we can't really agree with Consumer Reports' report huh? ;-p

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