Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai terrorists used Google Earth & BlackBerry for their attacks

This is indeed a very dishearten news to be heard of, but according to various reports from news channels; mobile technologies are being used by terrorists to plan and execute their attacks.

You must have heard about the most recent and shocking terrorist attack which happened at Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India. But what you might not have heard yet is the findings found after the attacks, as reported by TG Daily:

"Mumbai terrorists reportedly were instructed to memorize satellite imagery of Mumbai streets displayed in Google Earth so that they could find their targets. Indian officials in charge of investigation discovered this fact during the questioning of the only captured suspect. The police also learned that the terrorists relied on satellite phones and GPS equipment to navigate to their targets."

And Gizmodo also had reported previously: "Indian commandos were not only surprised to find the devices (BlackBerries) in the terrorists' rucksacks, but that they used the internet to look beyond local Indian media for information, watching the global reaction in real-time as well."

It's very sad to know when the good technologies made are being used as terrorists' tools to hurt innocent people, I'm speechless to respond on the news... Let's pray that there'll be no more terrorist attacks allowed to happen again in the future, and hopefully technologies can help to thwart such acts from happening.

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