Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Treo 680 sightings in the "Incredible Hulk" movie

I'm not the first one who spotted the Treo 680 in the "Incredible Hulk" movie and posted about this at PalmAddict, it was an eagle eye PalmAddict reader named Chris2.0 from South Africa.

But this time, I got the screenshots taken from the movie. Well, what do I've got to say? I've just got the DVD few days ago, it's slower for Hollywood movies to get here at my little small town.

The first sighting is when Betty (played by the gorgeous Liv Tyler) pulls out a Treo from her bag, and starts smiling while text messaging someone or reading a text message with it. And then more assurance that the Treo used in the movie is the 680, can be seen from a clear shot of it when Bruce Banner (played by Edward Norton) tosses out the entire contents of Betty's purse on a bed.

It's a great feeling for a Palm addict, like me, that the aging Treo 680 is still being used in new major Hollywood movies like this one. Who said Palm is dying? ;-p

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