Sunday, December 7, 2008

Netbook's real strenght is now being realized in new models

What Jeff Hawkins has envisioned before on the real strenght of netbook through the fail-to-launch Foleo: persistent connectivity, is now slowly being realized in new model of netbooks.

If you're wondering what in the name I'm talking about the netbook's real strenght is, then you can read about it at my previous post.

HP is now offering US customers the option of adding an internal mobile broadband modem to their HP Mini 1000 orders, as reported by Liliputing. The modem works on AT&T or Verizon’s wireless broadband networks, but it'll costs $199, which is significantly more expensive than the broadband $125 AT&T broadband modem Dell offers for the Inspiron Mini 9.

I do believe other netbook manufacturers will follow suit to embed broadband modem/WAN feature into newer models, after all the netbook in indeed intended for internet-centric use so it's only natural for this to be happening. But the next new problem will also emerge; the netbook price will rise above its commonly agreed price: $500.

If the new model of netbooks cost more than $500, will netbook still appeal to the mass?

For a quick reference on the latest netbooks, you can read the PC World hands-on with HP Mini, Lenovo S10, and BenQ U101.

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