Sunday, December 7, 2008

Surf web sites with your email

If you have been dying to own a smartphone with superb screen like iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, G1 Android, etc., so you can surf web sites anytime anywhere with pleasure; then you don't have to dream for long again.

Jayesh Shinde from PC World India has found a better way than spending the already scarce money in your pocket in these hard times to view web sites even with under-powered smartphones; Rediff has started a new 'Web-in-Mail' service that lets its users access websites through the comfort of an e-mail clients. That's right, it doesn't require the use of a Web browser.

It's very easy, just send an email from your smartphones to:, and on the subject box field you type in the web site you wish to browse like for an example: *wink* ;-)

An HTML page of the website (in the subject line) requested will be emailed back to you within a few seconds, the service claims. Clicking on any links in the reply mail will automatically fill it up in the subject line. From here, just repeat the procedure to access further links. Webinmail also provides search results through popular search engines such as Google, just type in what you're looking for in the subject box field, and then sent it to the same address above. Read and learn more from Webinmail's How It Works page.

I've already tried Webinmail to sent me PalmAddict weblog into my email address, but unfortunately Webinmail still limits the maximum content of the web site to 5MB each; so PalmAddict can't be opened with Webinmail. But I managed to open my personal weblog with Webinmail in my Treo 750v, it works exactly like advertised.

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