Monday, December 15, 2008

Palm expected to debut new OS & handset at CES 2009

"It's quite likely, actually close to a certainty, that they will show a new OS, new user interface and probably new hardware," says Lawrence Harris, an analyst for Wall Street brokerage firm CL King & Associates. "This is Palm's last shot to prove it has what it takes to survive in a very competitive market."

Wired (via Gizmodo) is reporting a rumor that most of us have anticipated long even before Palm "New-ness" invitation came out, such as the long awaited Nova OS and including a new smartphone that will use that new Linux-based OS.

But, no matter what the news and rumors are about Palm "New-ness" which is set to be unveiled at CES 2009 next year, they tell us how people are still watching over Palm. Good or bad, media coverages are good publicity. And Palm needed that more than ever now...

"The good news for Palm is that folks are still talking about them and those making the trek to CES will likely pay attention to what they're saying," Michael Gartenberg, vice president at research firm Jupitermedia, wrote on his blog. "If this event disappoints it's going to be hard for them to muster attention in the future."

The Palm Treo design above is a mockup made by 'koreansensation' from DeviantArt. You wish, huh? ;-p

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