Monday, December 15, 2008

When Apple made a movie: Breaking and Entering

I was digging up my DVD movie collection last night, and I decided to watch what I thought first as a boring drama movie. "Breaking and Entering", the casts are heavy: Jude Law, Juliette Binoche and Robin Wright Penn. But then I found out the movie is interesting to watch at the beginning, since there are plenty of Apple laptops and computers sightings.

Like for an instance, when the delivery service drops Macs at the office on the King's Cross. The delivery man shows a list of computers, ordered by Will's (played by Jude Law) office. It's so obvious that the whole computers shown in the list are Macs.

And when the story continues, Will's MacBook is stolen and then there's a couple of scene where the boy, who stole it uses the laptop. In fact, in one scene the MacBook is shot in the dark, showing the glowing famous Apple logo which usually put on the back of each MacBooks.

A more conspicuous scene that shows Apple is putting its stock into this movie, is when a police comes in to investigate Will's office where the Macs are all stolen from. The police name is Bruno Fella, CID (played by Ray Winstone) said "Don't you just love a Mac? Sweet, huh?" while he's trying out an iMac accompanied by Will (Jude Law) ;-p

Overall "Breaking and Entering" is a deep drama and it would be much fitting for those who are looking for a movie that stick close to real life, but unfortunately that's not for me.

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