Friday, December 19, 2008

See Big Apple in almost real 3D rendered photos from Google Earth

I've always wanted to see New York City, it is said to be the center of world's civilization. And as time passes by, I guess I've missed my chance...

But with this feature added into Google Earth, which is able to add thousands of textures to flesh out virtually every buildings in Manhattan, I just got a second chance to see the Big Apple with my own eyes. Heck, I can even visit NYC while wearing my pajamas. ~LOL~

The picture you see above is not a real photo, it's actually a photo-realistic 3D model from many photos of New York contributed by community members. Even so, I must agree with Mark Wilson from Gizmodo: it's simply breathtaking!

I wonder how this will look like in mobile devices with supreme wide screen such as iPhone, G1 Android, HTC Touch HD, or BlackBerry Storm. If Google can deliver more rendered photos of cities around the world, and paired it with Google Maps, then we can seriously consider to ditch GPS devices.

Sources are from Google Earth Blog, via Gizmodo, via Lifehacker.

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