Sunday, December 14, 2008

Showtimes 2.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch

I suppose there's always something more about going to a theater and watch the new movie with a crowd of people. And we're not talking about the latest and savviest home theater set you own there like a 50-inch plasma tv, a Blu-Ray player, and stereo speakers complete with subwoofer to blast you up from your comfy couch; if I have those then I won't leave home at all. ~LOL~

But no, really, IMHO there's a certain kind of feeling every time we hurried to a theater, get in line to buy the tickets, sit down next to strangers, eat popcorn together with friends (and strangers too), the disturbing noise when someone forgot to turn off their mobile phones, or the best for me is when I need to take a leak really bad when the climax of the movie is about to start. ;-p

So, if you're rocking an iPhone or an iPod Touch with software 2.0 update or above, and you love to go to theaters to watch new movies; then you should take a look at this free app: Showtimes 2.0 made by Avantar. Here's the snipped review by Jonathan Seff from Macworld:

"The app is fully supported in the U.S., it figures out your location and shows you the movie theaters in your area in order of proximity. You can set a location as a default for future use, or manually enter an address, city, or zip code.
If there are certain theaters you tend to go to most often, you can tap the stars next to their names to force those theaters to float to the top of the list—a useful time-saver. And next to the stars you’ll find a map icon that can launch the iPhone’s Maps application and not only show you where a theater is, but also use your location to give you directions to the theater. (I found this particularly useful when looking for a movie while on vacation in an unfamiliar city.)"

Showtimes 2.0 also allows users to see more information regarding the movie like poster of the movie, MPAA ratings, length, and remaining showtimes for the day, release date, genre, cast, summary, movie trailer. Further more, at the bottom of a movie’s page also includes links to MetaCritic, RottenTomatoes, and/or IMDb.

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