Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monopoly in App Store

It's not the kind of monopoly you're thinking, it is actually a Monopoly game made by EA for iPhone/iPod Touch. ;-)

The Monopoly game has been around for ages, I don't think no one doesn't know of this game. In the Wikipedia mentioned that Monopoly is the most commercially sucessful board game in U.S. history, with 480 million players worldwide.

With this in mind, EA must have seen the profit to bring Monopoly into the growing iPhone/iPod Touch platform. The game itself is offered at $7.99, and full title is MONOPOLY Here and Now: The World Edition.

A forum member at MMI has managed to tested out the game, here's the flash review:

"Apparently instead of Baltic, Reading Railroad, and Broadway, you're now purchasing Istanbul, Turkey, and Greece. The game graphics are a bit on the cheesy side, with some rough edges on the animations, but it is very playable and fun."

"You can listen to music from your iPod library while playing the game, and play up to 4 live players (with one phone - puff puff pass, yes. you can also hook up via wifi) or vs the computer. Saving game state is included, and the controls are intuitive enough once you've gotten used to what does what.

The little Monopoly man (I'm sure he has a name - yup, Wikipedia knows all) Stanley Monopoloy aka Toby aka Rich Uncle Pennybags gives you hints on how to play as you start, which helped to not have to push random buttons over and over again to see which was which. After a couple rounds, the game is rather addicting."

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