Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Visit Wallmart with your pajamas on and iPhone in your hand

Don't get too excited yet and hurry yourself to the nearest Wallmart with only wearing your hotpants, but hear me out to the end first ohkay. ;-p

Wallmart is going all out when it finally put iPhone into one of its mobile phone sells line-up in this year's end of holidays, iPhone users can now enjoy the specially constructed Wallmart web pages for mobile Safari.

Patrick J. from JAiB is liking the new iPhone-friendly Wallmart page so much, and he's already write a quick review of it:

"And a very good one at that. Well, I should qualify this right off by saying that it’s a very good one IF you like iPhone optimized pages. I like them very much. The glory of seeing the real internet notwithstanding, I find it much easier to work with sites that are specially (and intelligently) formatted for the iPhone - sue me."

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