Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BlackBerry Storm is a netbook, says RIM founder

There's definetely something in the air, an airborne influence which is invisible by the naked eyes but spread across and accepted widely by everyone. Nope, I'm not talking about the Christmas spirit or the the new year hope. It's netbook...

Strange is indeed the phenomenon of netbook, the newly born category in notebook crowded pool which Steve Jobs himself calls it as a "nascent category". The Apple CEO even compared his beloved smartphone creation; the iPhone as Apple's netbook.

But apparently, it's not only Steve Jobs who feels that way. Now, it turns out RIM founder and co-CEO; Mike Lazaridis also calls the BlackBerry Storm as RIM's netbook. On a recent interview with CNet Asia at RIM Campus next to the University of Waterloo, Mike Lazaridis said:

"I think I can put Netbooks in here [referring to the BlackBerry Storm]. These are Netbooks. They are just smaller."

He then talked about many other stuffs surrounding the company's vision, its upcoming services and product roadmap. Head on to the Handheld Feature blog to find out more.

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