Thursday, January 15, 2009

BlueBerry phone is a very distant cousine of Bold

They say "beggars can't choose," but those who used to say like that must have never seen knock-off / fake products made from China. ;-p

For you who prefer blue rather than black, ...ouch, that sounds very cheesy. Let me start over; for you who can't afford the real BlackBerry Bold, then you can have the cheaper version of it (a.k.a. knock-off) only at $164.99, but you got to live with BlueBerry name instead that's written on the face of the device.

Although you shouldn't worry, because even the BlackBerry logo is almost precisely copied, so you can still fool your co-workers. Just don't let them borrow it though, or they'll find out. ~LOL~

PMP Today (via Ubergizmo) says this BlueBerry L900i is a quad-band GSM phone, complete with Bluetooth support and a camera. Man, how low can those Chinese-fakers willing to go? Next thing we know, perhaps we'll see a PrÄ“™ knock-off by tomorrow...

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