Thursday, January 15, 2009

PrefectStorm brings BlackBerry Storm theme into iPhone

Just like the saying goes: "If you can't beat them, join them..."

There are still plenty of BlackBerry Storm early adopters out there who feel like being left alone in the dark waiting for the perfect Storm to come by, but RIM seems so slow in updating its first fully touchscreen mobile phone into perfection. Some may have jumped into the other side; the iPhone which lately has become more popular in the corporate environments.

Perfectsorm_lockedSo whether you're a BlackBerry hardcore-fans or not, there's a Storm theme for iPhone called: PerfectStorm. The developers promised the PerfectStorm v1.0 theme pack will include these features:

  • Icons
  • Lockscreen
  • Calculator
  • Media Player
  • Camera
  • Dialer
  • UI Sounds
  • UI Images
  • Safari skin
  • And most importantly, The KEYBOARD!

But you'll also need to install Winterboard, Blank Web apps & Notifier first in order to get the PerfectStorm theme inside your iPhone, read the developer's post at this MMi thread. To download the theme immediately, head on to the developer's website.

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