Thursday, January 15, 2009

iHangman for iPhone/iPod Touch

Classic games have always been everybody's favorite, this time the paper and pencil guessing game: hangman has been digitalized and brought into iPhone/iPod Touch (software v2.0 or above required).

Xtremize Software has created a true heavyweight hangman game for iPhone platform, as mentioned and reviewed by Jeff Merron from Macworld, the iHangman boasts these features:

  • Over 39,000 words
  • 15 word categories
  • Single Player & Multi Player mode
  • Global Online Scoring with ranks and scores
  • Timer settings with 4 options
  • Sound effects
  • Shake your iPhone to view definitions instantly
  • Useful for SAT and GRE preparations
  • Multi Player mode with tracking names, scores
  • Unique score system that will make you addicted to compete with the rest of iHangman users worldwide

iHangman is available at iTunes & App Store with $1 price tag, for more complete review of the game visit Macworld page.

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