Monday, January 19, 2009

Nokia 6208c look sterlingly steel-beautiful

It's becoming a habit nowadays for mobile manufacturers to use simple design to provoke the beauty out, and Nokia has embodied such design into 6208c which is specially made for China market because of its unique shaped stylus combined with Chinese characters handwriting input on Symbian 40 Series platform.

ePrice has uploaded the Nokia 6208c review complete with plenty of detailed photo shots of the handset that could make you drool over for one, the face of 6208c gives out a strong sense of the metal while the border around the screen and keyboard parts are used with a high gloss silver coating. Although the overall of the design may seem a bit old for the young audience's taste, but it might hit the right love spot on business and more mature users' heart.

Of course, the main attraction of the 6208c phone is its stylus, which ePrice called its design as some kinda "ancient form of dart". Although it's hard to ignore how close we're to think of it as a bottle-opener on the first sight, the hole itself is to give room for the phone's 3,2MP camera on the back.

Still according to ePrice, the S40 doesn't support full touch operation, meaning the phone's touchscreen is only for handwriting text input and the same old buttons for usual menus navigation. This is a real shame, since Nokia is already starting to make the most of touchscreen feature in the next gen of its smartphones.

For more complete info and photo shots of Nokia 6208c, you can head on directly to ePrice website (via Engadget Mobile).

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