Sunday, January 18, 2009

DroidBerry makes your Bold look like Android

Who says you can't have them all? Maybe at first you just had to use BlackBerry Bold because your company gave it to you, but what your heart really want is an Android phone. So now you can have them both, in figure of speech.

DroidBerry is one of the latest theme made Jason Calhoun at CrackBerry, all of the notification, battery and signal icons are the exact icons from the Google Android operating system. The application icons resemble the stock icons from Android and the menus are sleek and pleasing to the eye. The 5 home screen icons are user customizable, here are the features from DroidBerry v1.0:

  • Google Android notification icons and fonts
  • User customizable home screen icons
  • BlackBerry Bold OS 4.6 ONLY
  • Please note that the clock image is for aesthetic purposes only. It is not functional.

Wait, the clock doesn't actually work!? Well, that's a real bummer. It would be superb if the clock can really work, I guess this indirectly shows the difference of each OSes strenght. But don't worry, the developer offers the theme pack without the clock and for the one with the clock included will cost you $7 per license.

Hey, perhaps the President elect Barack Obama can fool the secret service with this DroidBerry theme installed in his BlackBerry and avoid it being taken from him? ~LOL~

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