Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nokia's Comes With Music is coming to Australia & Singapore

Nokia is planning to bring its music service called "Comes With Music" to Australia and Singapore later this quarter, according to ZDNet news report.

Tero Ojanpera, the head of entertainment and communities at Nokia, told the MidemNet annual digital music gathering in Cannes, France: "The next two countries which we are going to roll out in the next 10 weeks are going to be in Asia, in Australia and Singapore," he told the conference. "We'll be launching there in the first quarter of 2009, in February and March."

Nokia's "Comes With Music" service offers unlimited music from the four major music labels and many independents. The music can be kept after the yearly contract has expired. The individual tracks can be downloaded to the phone and a single computer and are free, though the cost of the music is reflected in the price of the phone itself.

Nokia's "Comes With Music" service has previously already launched in the U.K., but seems to have not showing signs of success. Ojanpera declined to say how the phone was selling in Britain but said the service would gain momentum as it increases the number of handsets on which it is available.

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