Sunday, January 18, 2009

Parasync helps you sync 15 iPods easily

For you who believes one iPod is not enough, and thus you end up owning an iPod for each activities you can possibly think of: a shuffle for jogging, a nano for gym, touch for commute, classic for karate, etc. ;-p

With dropping prices on iPod family line-ups, it's easier to collect all of them in a lifetime. But if you actually do own around 15 iPods, you know how stressful it is to sync them one by one to your iTunes library. Your boss will constantly be mad at you, when he/she finds out you're using office time to sync those iPods. Not to mention the doctor bills for treating your sore thumbs from plug & unplug that sync cable.

This is where Parasync comes to rescue, the unit (seen at the image above) is capable to host 15 iPods at once. All you've got to do is connect the dock via USB to your MacBook, open iTunes, all docked devices will appear (they must first be registered to the iTunes library). Drag and drop content from the iTunes library onto the devices to sync them.

The Parasync dock supports all of iPod generations including classic, nano, and touch. But according to Scott McNulty from Macworld; the unit is designed to help museums and schools load up multiple iPods with the same content for classes and tours. You need to request a quote to get pricing for the Parasync (which usually means it is pricey), and of course you'll also need to specify the model of iPod docks when ordering.

Personally, I'm having a hard time to imagine there's a person who has 15 iPods for himself/herself. ~LOL~

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