Friday, January 23, 2009

Nokia give up on WiMax (for now)

Nokia has stopped making and selling its N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition, the only portable gadget that can use the WiMax network without accessories.

According to AP (via TG Daily); Nokia spokeswoman Laurie Armstrong confirmed Wednesday that the company has discontinued the N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition on its web site. Armstrong didn't explain why the N810 WiMax was withdrawn, but she said Nokia is still interested in WiMax, and by the time WiMax networks are more widely deployed, "refreshed products with even better performance will be required."

Here's a quick reminder of what WiMax is and a bit about N810:

  • WiMax, sometimes described as a long-range version of Wi-Fi, is a competitor to traditional cellular broadband technologies. It offers relatively fast data speeds, and its proponents hope that WiMax antennas will be built into a variety of gadgets, from small computers to GPS devices.
  • Nokia's N810, which has a 4.1-inch touch-sensitive screen and a slide-out keyboard, is still for sale for $438 in a version without a WiMax modem.

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